What to Look for In Web Hosting

1. Control panel

Looking for the best hosting service in Malaysia can be challenging. There are tons of aspects to check before committing to a long-term deal. One of the elements you need to check is the control panel. Will you have access to a control panel? If it is not part of the offer, you will either manage without it, or pay extra money so you can use it as an extra feature. You can also install one yourself.

2. Uptime

Maximum uptime is one of the main purposes of a good server. You need to work with a web host that offers an uptime of around 99.5%, in order to keep your website up and running 24/7.

It’s not really reasonable to expect a 100% uptime.

3. Domain-related services

It’s natural for web hosting firms to also provide domain namhttps://webhostinggeeks.com/guides/domains/e registration services. Purchasing web hosting and domain name from the same business removes the inconvenience of managing every item in a separate platform. It allows for easier scaling and billing.

4. Hardware

The specific requirements utilized in the server can make a big difference to the loading speed of the website. The key items to consider are permanent memory, processor (CPU) and memory (RAM). Web hosting providers don’t always disclose their hardware parameters, but it would be helpful to know and understand how these physical components impact your online project.

5. Physical location

You may not know this yet, but server locations plays a big role in your website’s big performance. Even if we keep the maintain configuration of the server, visitors from various parts of the world will experience different loading speeds from your web pages. This is because it takes a lot longer for signals to reach their location when the server is communicating to their devices.