What is Uptime in Web Hosting and What Does It Mean for You?

In your quest to find the best web hosting provider out there, you might be bombarded with a lot of different features including unlimited bandwidth, data storage, and a whole lot more. Those things are typically their main selling points to entice people to sign up to their service, but there is one particular aspect that you should always consider before you choose a hosting service- uptime.

What is Uptime?

Server uptime or just uptime for short refers to the number of hours your website is up on the internet. You see, when your website is placed in a server, it will basically stay up so long as the server is still running.

For those of you who do not know, servers are basically just powerful computers that operate on a daily basis- making sure that all of the websites that are placed inside their storage facilities would be accessible.

If the server were to shut down for whatever reason, the website will no longer be accessible and if that were to happen, it will really affect your page rankings as a result.

So, if you are looking for a good web hosting company, you better make sure that you also take a look at their service uptime guarantee.
Although it is impossible for servers to run 100% of the time, meaning, that there are no downtimes, you should still opt for something like 98% down to 95% at the very least.

Remember, you want your website to be accessed not only by the people who want to visit your website but also for search engine crawlers to be able to parse your site and give appropriate rankings.

Why 100% Uptime is a Myth

There are certainly some hosting companies that would tell you that they provide you with 100% server uptime, but do not be persuaded by this. It is virtually impossible for that to happen and here’s why.

As mentioned earlier, servers are just computers that operate almost all of the time. However, because computers are fallible and some components may get damaged over time, hosting companies would have to conduct server maintenance to ensure that everything is in working order.

Now, typical server downtimes rarely go beyond an hour or so, but there are certain instances that that would be the case.

A good hosting company would always tell their clients about possible service maintenance depending on the need. If that is the case, you should also promptly tell your audience that your website will be down at the allotted time to make way for server changes whenever possible.

For the most part, servers are always running but there are some circumstances, ones that you should always be wary of, that would come that will require server maintenance. You should always be prepared for it.

In conclusion, 100% uptime is a myth and you should never be persuaded to sign up to a company that promises that. However, you would still prefer one that will provide at least 95% uptime.