Top 3 Places to Get Coffee in KL

For several of us, grabbing a packet of 3-in-1 coffee to drink on the go as our regular fuel for work is the most convenient choice. Although it provides us with enough caffeine boosts, true coffee connoisseurs would conclude that after a long day at work, everyone needs a nice cup of freshly brewed coffee.


If you want to take your coffee from survival juice to artisanal stage, these 15 coffee cafes in KL are the place to go. These cafes will brighten up your daily cup of joe with their cosy interiors, delicious food, and drinks brewed with local and foreign roasters. Most people love to get coffee at any time of the day. Even if you are one of the top 10 forex trading brokers, you could still order that overpriced coffee from starbucks from all that forex money you’ve just made. We will begin to list down the top three best places to get coffee in Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Kissa {X} Coffee


X Coffee has three locations in KL, including Q Sentral and their sister cafe, T Cafe, at MYTown Shopping Mall’s new Taobao store. But, instead of dealing with the office crowds and shoppers at these two locations, visit Kissa X Cafe, a niche coffee lounge in TTDI that exudes jazz bar vibes.


They are a Japanese-inspired coffee bar that offers 13 single-origin coffee beans sourced primarily from Japanese roasters, including Maruyama Coffee. But don’t overlook their Cup of Excellence (CoE) selections from Honduras, Mexico, and Colombia, which are widely regarded as some of the finest coffee beans on the market.


You should try them in their Filter Coffee (RM18), which is roasted with a C275 gold filter to remove the bitterness seen in black coffees.


There’s also an inexpensive cup of Long Black (RM5) and an Iced Latte to be had here (RM10). Coffee beans and appliances, as well as reusable and ceramic cups, are available for purchase, all of which are imported from Japan.


     2. Kopikumy


Kopikumy is an Indonesian coffee shop that used to sell cups of coffee for less than RM10 at Plaza Mont Kiara’s Thursday Markets. However, they’ve now established a permanent location in Sri Hartamas, where they serve their signature coffees from a cosy residential home at the same low prices.


A must-try here is their Kopiku Special (RM7), which is espresso sweetened with coconut syrup, as well as their black coffee, Kopi Kebun Sendiri (RM8). Both of their drinks are made from their own organic Indonesian coffee beans and alkaline water, so expect a silky cup of coffee.


They still have daily-changing quick-to-go bakes, such as burnt cheesecakes and cookies. However, you are welcome to bring your own snacks and read a book from the shelf next to the cashier to make it sound like you’re in a friend’s backyard.


If you can’t get enough of their coffee, pick up a bag of Kopi Kebun Sendiri Bean (RM19/100gr), their house-blend ground beans, to brew at home.


     3. LOKL Coffee Co


LOKL Coffee Co, located in the heart of KL’s city centre, attracts a diverse crowd of locals and visitors who come for their Asian and Western fusion dishes and exclusive takes on local coffee drinks.


Although traditional Kopi O (RM7) and Kopi Susu (RM8) are available, don’t miss out on their Coffee Bon Bon (RM9), a modern take on kopi susu that combines condensed milk and a double shot of espresso. Another fascinating spin on a classic is their Iced Coffee and Coconut (RM12), which substitutes milk with coconut water.


They have a special menu every week that adds a new snack, main course, and dessert to their regular menu for those who like surprises. For more articles like this one, click here.