Profession We Should Never Diminish

We as individuals pursue undertakings of our own intent of which may differ from that of another, and that is perfectly common. To put this into perspective, I may be fond of software engineering but you on the other hand will put in your utmost effort to build a venture of your own. We are born into different states of affairs thus distinctive passion and dreams to achieve. Having said that, it is crucial that we acknowledge the significance of all professions without making one superior over another. Though there exist sectors that generally require higher cognitive abilities than others, that does not diminish their importance in contributing to the nation’s economy. All professions should coexist with equivalent respect without preaching who is better than who, and who is not. Here are some of the most undervalued professions deserving of more respect and credits than the current amount they are given. 


Many organizations despite the size of their scale often doubt the essentiality to employ copywriters because they stumbled upon the question “why would I invest my budget on a profession as simple as writing?”. Writing is indeed a fundamental skill every human being is bestowed upon birth, we are capable of constructing and brainstorming sentences in our head before we even put them into word forms. However, the most important thing is whether all of us share the same amount of skills and talent in writing things that other people would actually squeeze out time and read. We all write, yes, but is it interesting enough to grasp the attention of others? Copywriters do not just write, they need to devise their very creativity to come up with a tagline that is short and precise enough to retain in the mind of those who came into encounters with it and able to prompt them into taking action. Simply put, a business as major as McDonald’s requires the assistance of copywriters to come up with a tagline for their upcoming meal launch. In this very case, it is not feasible to use cliche lines like “Introducing the new beef burger, please come and try,” as it can be too dull and mundane. McDonald’s brand identity is generally upbeat, thus the need to come up with more interesting taglines perhaps along the lines of “big.beefy.bliss” that showcases more of not only the good but the connotation of their brand they intended to bring.

Copywriting is indeed more important than we think the task in itself. It is the form of writing material, whether a business email, advertisement tagline, content of any sort that is meant to be published for public exposure. Audiences are able to evaluate the image of a particular brand from the copywriting itself. Apart from dull sentences and grammatical errors as the two biggest mistakes not to be made, the writing piece should be potential enough to help the business achieve its goals at the very end of the day. Taking business emails for an example, suppose a writer was reckless enough to disregard the length of the email, clients or business partners may also disregard the presence of that particular email simply because it is either too short to get your message across, or too long to ease reading. Here is where copywriters play their significant role in making sure this process is done well. 

Bottom Line

Whether people’s profession involves STEM curriculum or not, they play a role just as pivotal as those who do. One prominent reason would be a pentest company demanding assistance from a qualified copywriter to further boost their venture through catchy phrases that the public would find most resonant with when finding out where to get pentest company in malaysia. It is important that we explore the job scope of different careers to widen our perspectives on what other people are doing, and how could they possibly contribute to the very industry they are in.

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