Preparations To Make Before Working From Home

In the light of the coronavirus pandemic that has hit almost every nook and cranny of the nations of the world, Malaysia is another one of many countries that have been severely infected, unfortunately. Our country has gone through a lot of social changes in one year since COVID-19 virus landed on one of our fellows which then continues to infect other people until today. The airborne virus has no mercy and does not discriminate on who to infect. That is why we as humans who have been notified of prevention care should be the one taking charge of oneself to avoid getting in contact with the invisible virus. The Malaysian government and many other corporations have wholeheartedly come to an agreement of implying work-from-home mode or anywhere remotely far enough from other individuals. That means, you are required to stay put at a well socially distanced area, that is other than the office compound to do your work. This gives the employees the freedom of not commuting to work everyday. Instead, they are now working virtually. 

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When we think of working at home, we always think that we can leisurely take breaks from time to time and put our guards down. Yes, a day or two working from home might be giving you that type of vibe. However, if you have to execute your role at home everyday without a change of environment, this might be a pain in the neck of a situation for you to settle. Therefore, before you start working from home all day, you have to prepare the basic things you need when working. 

Just like how your seat is at work, you have to replicate it similarly when at home. You need to use a desk, a chair and other things that can make you feel less foreign. This will entirely help you because sitting down for hours without a chair can bring damage to your spine. When you work comfortably, you will feel a lot better afterwards. The computer can be a problem too. There is a preferred height and length that you usually work with and that too should be replicated. This will obviously impact your productivity and creativity especially when you are working as an MLM software developer that requires all day monitoring. Your comfort should be the first priority that you need to work on before anything else.

Being at home, it is common for you to always feel hungry. That is why you are highly recommended to do adequate grocery shopping every week or have your delivery service to get you some stuff to munch on to keep yourself entertained and yourself full while working hard. You also have to make sure you have a good internet connection.

You can also put on loud music to help you stay awake. It is understandable that everything gets harder and you get sleepy more frequently when working away from your colleagues, therefore, putting on some upbeat music may help in bringing your mood up. If you have any more personal preferences to do in uplifting yourself, you should definitely do it for your own good.