Legal Aid Bureau in Malaysia

Find the best Legal firms in Malaysia?

Biro Bantuan Guaman? This is another association which provides a free legal aid in Malaysia to the overall population in Malaysia.

It is a service body under the Legal Affair Division, Prime Minister’s Department that gives free legal help and advice to meriting individuals from general society.

It gives free legal representation and legal advice in Malaysia to people who pass their passing the law given requirements. Moreover, they give financed legal services in Malaysia, and if ever you do not meet all of the given requirements for this it is possible that, despite everything they give direction.

Actually, Malaysia have branches in all states and government areas.

What to bring to a branch?

  • ID Card
  • Children’s character cards/birth declaration
  • Marriage authentication
  • Divorce authentication/papers
  • Details of litigant
  • Supporting documents and reports

What’s next?

You will experience a methods test and if effective, you will be required to pay a little enrollment expenses in Malaysia and top off certain structures at the said premises. After they presented, a meeting will be directed to decide the full subtleties of your case and activities that should be taken subsequently.

You will be required to sign a statutory statement affirming your yearly pay is inside the passing criteria set by BBG in Malaysia, and the Commissioner of Oaths have ensured this.