How to stop gambling addiction



Talking about gambling, it is obviously not a good activity to do. The term “gamble” itself means that taking a risky action with the hope of success.  Firstly, it is obviously risky. Secondly, you need to face uncertainty. So why do you need to be involved in gambling while you can have other ways to earn money?

However, it is easier said than done. A lot of people that are involved in gambling find it hard to stop the addiction. Plus, in the era of technology, there are many online slot games on the internet that can’t stop the temptation for gamblers to continue gambling. Click to play online malaysia slots. Gambling is an addiction. An addiction needs to be cured with proper and strategic ways. So here are few ways that might be helpful for gamblers to stop gambling addiction:


  1. Raising an old hobby


Gamblers will eventually lose interest in sports, as they become more addicted to their gambling. It is important to rekindle old hobbies once you have stopped. This will boost your self-esteem and also give your new way of life a regular reminder. Like with most behavioral addictions, seeking a healthy activity is necessary to replace negative addiction. This will keep you focused on the benefits of your new way of life and not on what you miss.


  1. Join a support group


Now that you’ve recognized the problem, you can ask a support group for help. Support groups are organizations run by people with similar experiences and past experiences. While support groups lack skilled services, they are free to experiment in person or in chat rooms online. 


Gamblers Anonymous is one support group built specifically around people with gambling issues. The program is based on the traditional 12-step approach that other recovery programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous use. You can call the gambling hotline at the National Council on Problem Gambling to get more information about support services for gamblers.  People with gambling issues can reach them through voice and text. They will also point you to helpful group options for managing gambling addiction trials.


  1. Plan forwards to avoid boredom


Most gamblers find it hard to leave their gambling addiction because of boredom. So, try planning your days so you’re not tempted by gambling to fill up empty space. Research(1) seems to back this up when findings have shown that gamblers with problems have a low boredom threshold. When confronted with an uninspiring task they will always avoid it or not complete it.


  1. Avoid temptation


In order to use addiction treatment techniques and avoidance of relapse, you must first view gambling as an addiction. For someone in rehabilitation, avoiding gambling related individuals, locations and events will help them prevent a setback. You can avoid the thoughts and feelings that encourage gambling by avoiding those triggers.


And if driving after work by a casino sparks gambling thoughts, find an alternate route home. If watching sports makes you want to bet on it, think about watching something different. Cut your credit cards and let your wife handle your checkbook. It might sound like an annoyance, but just as a person with a drinking problem should not go into a bar, you need to recognise your causes, and avoid them. Check with a loved one on the causes list and find ways to reduce gambling risk-reduction temptations.


  1. Postpone gambling


There are cravings, including addictions. Cravings are intense impulses to make the desired activity complete. You may have cravings as a gambler to call your bookie, go to the casino, cash your paycheck or other gambling-related behaviour.


Cravings are powerful and it feels like it will last forever when you are in the midst of one. No, it won’t. All cravings have start, middle and finish. So you can keep the recovery as long as you can postpone your gambling.


A better way to come to grips with this problem is by paying attention to your cravings, what they feel like, what you think about during your cravings, and how long it will last. You start taking its power over you by researching the craving. If you create a situation understanding you can list a series of thoughts or acts to distract from the gambling. You can also postpone gambling by taking a deep breath and call a friend when a craving hits.

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