A Glimpse of What an Architect Does for a Living

Architects, by the very nature, are licensed professions that have a profound role of designing buildings and structures such as homes, stadiums, office buildings, malls, schools, monuments, parks, and so much more.

They will collect all pertinent information that will help them create the designs necessary for a building’s construction. They will also look at other things such as the structure’s environmental impact, building codes, zoning laws, and they will even take care of the site selection as well.

Architects work in architecture firms and will provide services to any client that comes within their premises. In fact, they can either work in the private sector where they will be asked to design floor plans for office buildings and homes or they can work in the public sector as well, where they will be asked to design some schematics for parks, monuments, and other things that can be placed outdoors.

How to Become an Architect?

For a person to be qualified as an architect, they would have to get their formal education in an architecture school. They must complete a 5-year course where they will be taught some important mathematical concepts, as well as honing their expertise in drawing and creative expression.

They will also be taught how to use computer programs such as Revit and AutoCAD as these are used to create 3D models and computer-aided designs that will help them streamline the process. This is important because the architect will provide the necessary designs for the contractors to follow.

After completing the course and getting a bachelor’s degree in architecture, you have a couple of choices. You can either get a license, after which, you are going to land a job when you apply for one or you can proceed to postgraduate studies and get your master’s degree.

Before you can become a bonafide architect, you will need to render a couple of hours of internship to help you learn how things to in an architecture firm. This would typically require at least 3 years of your time, but the more experience that you gain, the better your chances of landing a high-paying job.

Job Description

Now that you know how to become an architect, what is their job description then? Well, as previously mentioned, the architect’s main role is to provide design mockups and plans for a building’s creation. This takes into account both the exterior of the building, as well as the interior of it as well.

They will coordinate and liaise with all of the stakeholders, including the client (so that they can get the requirements they want for the building), contractors and subcontractors (to initiate the construction process), engineers, the government (to secure licenses and permits), and so much more.

An architect, therefore, should not only possess the knowledge of mathematical concepts such as Algebra, calculus, and geometry, but they should also take into account technical and creative drawing, as well as soft skills such as communication skills, spatial recognition, and many more.