Web Design 101: 5 Most Common Mistakes

  1. Failure to Address UX Issues


The user journey and experience are important aspects of website creation. In fact, many web design company owners don’t know the difference between UI and UX designs. Take note that fast rules apply when it comes to websites, and most of them are not followed by many people.

  • Failure to check the overall website appearance on mobile devices
  • Poor template selection
  • Using each detail from the template
  1. Poor Optimization

Good website speed and SEO can lead a website to success. Take note that visually appealing pages that don’t function well can have bad results. Make speed and SEO your top priorities. Apart from being physically beautiful, your website should be easy to navigate and functional.

  1. Mismanagement of Outsourcing Matters


Outsourcing is always a good idea. Not all of us are good at everything. However, abdication and delegation are two different concepts. As the website project professional, you need to sign things off. Therefore, it’s up to you to evaluate things.

  1. Putting Up Something Simple as Soon as Possible

A website is an important marketing tool that can take your brand to various places. Don’t ever rush its optimization and development. Yes, you can for the DIY route, or ask the help of a professional. Whichever approach you choose, take your time in building your website.

  1. Design Glitches

Design Glitch
For someone who is not a pro in website design, it’s difficult spot good and bad design elements. These are the most common issues of a bad website design.

  • Massive gaps
  • Cheesy photos
  • Full-text justification
  • Poor legibility