Top 8 Foods that Will Improve Your Sex Drive

It is believed by the Indians that foods that look like body parts may have a profound impact in helping improve a man or woman’s sex drive.

Men, in particular, suffer from premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction in their 20s that may persist later on in their lives.

Dr. Vijay Singhal, a sexologist, tells his patients that they must start eating the right foods to help bolster their sex drive.

In today’s article, I will talk about some of the foods that Dr. Singhal said that is known to help improve your sexual health. He added that men’s sexual health supplements can also have a great impact as well.

Anyway, be sure to start incorporating some of the foods that are listed in this article if you want to give sexual satisfaction to your partner (as well as yourself).

Raspberries and Strawberries

The seeds that these fruits contain are loaded with Zinc which can actually benefit both men and women. Zinc in women can help prime their bodies for sex and that particular mineral can affect men’s testosterone levels to a positive extent.

They are also known to help improve sperm quality and motility as well, so for couples that want to have a baby, you may want to ramp up your berry-eating habits.


Not only are walnuts delicious but it can also improve the quality of your sperm as well. Walnuts can be added to just about anything, but you may want to put them in some baked goodies.

Dark Chocolate

There is a reason why women love dark chocolate and that is because they are deemed as aphrodisiacs. They contain nutrients that help release endorphins and serotonin in your body that will help improve your mood and, therefore, improve your sexual performance as a result.


Almonds are packed with amino acids that can help you maintain an erection. They are loaded with L-arginine, which helps ramp up nitric oxide production in your body which will dilate your blood vessels, thus helping improve blood flow to your reproductive organ.


Adults love coffee mainly because of its caffeine- a well-known stimulant that can help give you the energy that will last for hours.

Because of that energy, it can be utilized for sex. And, did you know that it also heightens sexual arousal in couples as well?


Peaches are loaded with carbohydrates which are converted to usable energy that can help you last longer in bed. Aside from that, it is also packed with Vitamin C which not only helps improve your body’s immune system but also improves the quality and the number of your sperm.


Steak is a man’s dream food because it contains a lot of B vitamins that are great for your muscles and energy; iron and zinc which are known to improve sexual endurance and sex drive; and it also contains a lot of protein which, when broken down, will turn into amino acids that provide a lot of health benefits.


Aside from giving great flavor to your dishes, Saffron is also a natural aphrodisiac that helps improve your sex drive too.