The Latest Website Design Trends

Big, bold typography

Typography is a powerful visual web design tool used to create and impress people. If you want to convey a crucial information to your audience, use striking font styles to convey your message. Headings are key elements in SEO, and can help your website perform better.

Vivid Colors

2019 is the year of beautiful color explosions online. This trend is partially influenced by the recent tech developments of the latest mobile devices. Their screens can now reproduce richer colors, and are more sensitive. By using vivid colors, you can grab their attention more.

Dynamic gradient

This year, gradients will become louder, larger and richer in color. Many people use this for images, in order to make them more appealing and attention grabbing.

Shadows for extra depth

Shadows aren’t really new in the website design field. Are you ready to try more variations to create more illusion and depth behind the screen? More and more designers are now using this for grids, and in making CTAs more noticeable.

Broken and Asymmetric Grids

One of the best ways to make a statement, and to make your website more unique is to try unconventional designs. It’s completely experimental, but it can make your pages more recognizable. Try moving away from the traditional.

Mobile first

Mobile browsing has officially defeated that of PC. Almost each person today already owns a smartphone, and they prefer to browse the internet from there. Whether you are blogger, web designer or developer, you need to leverage on this new habit. Make your pages mobile responsive.

Particle background

Do you want to use videos on your home page, but scared that it might slow down loading time? A particle background is a good alternative. This integrates very lightweight animation, and allows movements without taking too much time to load.

Customized illustrations

Say goodbye to stock images. Customized illustrations incorporate friendly, playful and energetic tone to websites. This trend is very much appropriate for brands who need to add fun elements to their digital assets.

Integrated animation

Integrated animation helps engage customers all throughout the page experience. It helps focus the attention of your customers to the most important content of your website,