1. Weight

A lot of counterfeiters utilize cheap materials in order to save costs. Thus, fake or counterfeit watches tend to feel lighter compared to the real deal. These timepieces are also rougher. Do you know that the hardest part of making a genuine timepiece is its hand finishing? This process can’t be replicated by any type of machine. Fake watches often have sharp edges–a sign that it hasn’t been hand finished properly.

2. Details

Keep in mind that in choosing women’s watches and men’s watches in Malaysia is not easy. You need to look at even the smallest details. Check any missing details. For instance, if there are any mispositioned letters, most likely, the timepiece is not genuine. Luxury watches are expensive because they are perfect. If your Patek Philippe’s logo is not aligned well, then there is no doubt that it’s a fake. One important detail you must check is the engraving. There should be smooth and consistent lines.

3. Location

Just because the timepiece is displayed behind glass doesn’t mean it is genuine. Unless the dealer is reputable, and affiliated with the brand, there is no guarantee that what they say is what you get. Check the retailer’s website for additional clarification. Furthermore, you must be able to get some type of warranty.

4. Value

A luxury watch is an investment because they hold great value. Thus, be wary of those retailers who don’t know what a Patek Philippe or Rolex is worth. If it is too good to be true, then generally, it is. You are unlikely to encounter a timepiece from a reputable luxury brand at a low price. Watches from Omega, Patek Philippe and Rolex are worth every penny. Collectors and those who spend big cash on them know this very well.

5. Buying Online or in a Physical Store

Photos are worth a thousand words, but sometimes, most of them are lies. If the photos are all blurry, and there is no shot of each angle, be wary. If the watch doesn’t come with papers, and an original box, then clearly, it is not legitimate.