5 Kinds of Instagram Ads

1. Stories Ad

Stories ad are ads that show up within Instagram’s stories section. You can implement single video or single image ads, which can be around 15 seconds. Instagram stories is a popular, new Instagram feature with posts expiring within 24 hours. Are you offering a limited-time promotion, this option can create a more urgent vibe compared to other Instagram ad types.

2. Single Image Ad

Are you looking for a social media agency in Malaysia? Make sure to choose one that can provide you excellent social media marketing services, most especially if you are new to the field. As a newbie, you may want to try the most basic ad format there is for Instagram, a single image to your service or product. Use this if you want to share an attention-grabbing photo for your promotion strategy.

3. Single Video Ad

These single video ads are videos or GIFs which lasts for 60 seconds. Video ads are a good choices if you need to show your product in action, or deliver a compelling video introduction to expound on the real value of your offering.

4. Carousel Ad

A carousel ad is a combination of two or more videos or images. Users can swipe in order to view your videos and photos. It is a great option for businesses with several services and products to show off.

5. Slideshow Ad

Slideshow ads are video ads composed of as many as 10 photos that are shown on loop. You can upload photos, and incorporate music to build a quality montage. If you don’t have the resources and time to come up video content, this option would capture the attention of your audience.